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Premium Services
Premium membership
Chinaexporter offers premium membership plans(3A member and VIP member) and a number of online and offline marketing services to suit the diverse business requirements of buyers and sellers.We have two types of premium service;3A service and VIP service. You can choose any of the plan/services to start with, and at any time you can buy or upgrade to the other Premium Services, depending upon your key business requirements.

Premium membership--3A Service
In 3A service,you can have an extreme display of your company and products in 3A Mall( include three-dimensional display, E-magazine, Video exhibition and so on). The credit files give you the most comprehensive guarantee of credit which can bring you more business opportunities.

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  • Over 5 lakhs Business Members
  • 400,000 business enquiries every month

Credit mark--AAA
The mark of AAA is an authentication of your credit. It is on behalf of the high-quality company and
products. It will increase the inquiry of your products. When you have this mark, you can enjoy the
best services.
Systematic Promotion
We provide complete and effective solutions for 3A Brand Marketing, Product promotion,
Community interaction and so on.
The Homepage attractive ad, Top listing of Gold Companies, Homepage Business Ranking,
Channel huge ad, and Keywords bidding Ranking will help your trade all the time.
Resources Priority
Search priority--Having the 3A credit, the information you released
will precede that released
by ordinary members in the vast amount of information. It will be very eye-catching!
Information priority--Only 3A members have the right to view other members’ procurement
Resource Priority--The world latest buyers’ database resources and application tools will be
open only for 3A members.
Community priorities--The Community services will be prior for 3A members.

3A Three-dimensional Online Shops
With “Yourname.chinaexporter.com” as the independent domain name of your Three-
dimensional online shops, 3A members can post unlimited products to show the features of
your enterprise in your own style.
Video Exhibition
Unique Video Marketing Strategy
Your enterprise image and production process can be shown lively by the three-dimensional
video and audio exhibition. Instead of the old words and pictures show, it will be more convenient
and effective for both you and your clients
Information Docking
Sometimes, you may need to do the complicated releasing work on different websites. As a 3A
member, just click the functional button once, your information will be released in any website you selected simultaneously.
The World Latest Buyers
Are you still worry about there are no buyers for your products?
To be a 3A member, the world latest buyers’ database resources and application tools will be
open for you.
E-magazine Marketing
Create professional and attractive business e-books. On the one hand it can help buyers browse and download the information easily, for the other hand you can use the E-mail Marketing function to send e-mail to the customers directly.